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was created by the enthusiasm of two young lovers

from Japan and attracted by countless wonders

that this land offers.



 From the very first trip to Japan in 2008 we see at once how the Manga are related to the daily life of the Japanese. In subsequent trips, we find a lot of material related to anime and manga: is the infinite amount of plush toys, figures and gadgets, both Paper, with volumes finished and cured in the press, equipped with Jacket and color pages that, in the European editions (especially Italian), are missing or are in black and white.



 Hence the idea of creating a channel imported directly from Japan to Florence (where we live), and through this site provide an opportunity for those of us Otaku, wants to collect all of this and have dedicated much material as possible to their favorite series. Through suppliers and hooks, we do everything to meet your requirements, whether its new series or dated



 All our products are new and original, and the pictures on our site are photos taken individually the object for sale, so maybe less professional,

but it will show the object as it is. All you can find here is already in our warehouse in Italy, and is ready to be delivered within 1 days.



 In addition, we have also included a section on Tradition is that all those articles traditionally used by the Japanese, and therefore always Original from Japan but not related to the world of anime.



 Itimportant for us to know your opinion.


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